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How do I submit a review?

Enter the company name in the search box above, this will take you to their online profile where you can submit your review. 


How it works…


How do the reviews on the Look Local online directory work?

All the reviews that you see on an advertisers profile have been supplied by our advertiser’s customers. When we receive a review we validate that review by calling the customer who has sent the review in to make sure that it is genuine. The reviews are then posted onto the advertiser’s profile.

Why do I need to enter my personal details to leave a review?

In order for us to validate a review we do need your name, address, telephone number and email address. We will never use this information for any other reason and will never pass your information to any third parties. The reviewers name and town will be published with the review (ie. Janet Smith – Solihull). We will not be able to publish any review sent without a name or contact details.

How do I leave a review for an advertiser?

Once an advertiser has completed their work/service you can leave a review by searching for the advertiser on the web directory and a adding a review to their profile. The review will be validated by Look Local by way of a phone call to the number you have provided. Once the review has been validated it will go live on the advertisers profile within 3 working days.

What checks do Look Local do before a business can advertise?

We make sure that any Trade Association Memberships are current, we interview each business owner and request that they agree to our ‘Code of Conduct’. We make checks to make sure gas fitters are ‘Gas Safe Certified’ and electricians are ‘NIC EIC Certified’.  If a business has public liability insurance we check this annually to ensure its up to date.  If they have agreed to our Code of Conduct and we have verified their certifications you will see this stated below their business description.

Is there a charge to use this service?

No, as a consumer the Look Local is a free service.

What if I am not happy with one of the advertisers who I have used?

We would always recommend that you contact the advertiser if things haven’t gone as well as you expected. You should always give the advertiser a chance to put things right. If you would rather we can contact the advertiser for you to try and resolve any issues then please call us on 01564 785833. We can normally resolve most issues but if the issues you raise are justified and the advertiser doesn’t resolve them then you can leave a review to reflect the issues you have experienced.

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